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Other Work

As well as portfolio pieces for Design Studies, I have written an undergraduate dissertation, three essays for Cultural Studies and completed more technical work, examples of which can be found here.

Undergraduate Dissertation: Evaluating the Self-Constructed Temporary Architecture of the Developed Urban Environment

This dissertation explores the architectural and cultural significance of self-constructed, temporary architecture by comparing the urban allotment shed to the doocot and the children's den. This type of architecture, where the constructor of the space has no professional design training, is valuable to both the individual, who gets to express creative freedom without regulation, and the designer, who can discover intuitive design choices that haven’t been impacted by formal teaching.

It concludes by stating that embracing these spaces' diversity, resilience, and raw authenticity opens a gateway to a more inclusive, human approach to design and architecture.

Image for including in dissertation_edit

Studentification VS Discrimination

My Third Year Cultural Studies narrative essay explores the topic of "Studentification", as I try to understand the perspective of those who feel that students are "taking over" their community. Meanwhile, I investigate if this opinion is actually a form of discrimination.

Silhouetted people, some are children/families, some are business people

Mid-Project Fire Strategy Report

Halfway through the "Children Build this City" project, we were required to submit a Fire Strategy report document, covering evacuation routes and exits, fire spread and control issues, fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structures, fire alarms and emergency lighting, and fire service access.

A man sits on a bench, looking at a square. In it, children play, a woman blows bubbles, a dog runs with a ball and a couple wander through holding hands

Children Built This City Environmental Report

This Environmental Report includes the use of a PHPP calculator to evaluate if my construction buildup meets Passivhaus Standard, as well as a daylighting evaluation and thoughts on energy supply.

Elevation of "Children Built this City" with text to the left that reads My proposal helps create a sustainable community by offering a range of housing, creating spaces to learn, connecting to the wider community with commercial street facades and active travel, and ensuring all residents have a variety of outdoor spaces and access to a local economy

Children Built This City Structural Assignment

In this document, I attempted to detail some more tricky sections of my design, such as the recessed balcony or the roof terrace. I found this extremely challenging, but I feel that it shows my ability to holistically consider all elements of an architectural proposition, including construction as well as design.

A small area of 1:20 construction section through the foundation and two floors of flatted accommodation

Religious Culture and the Community

This Second Year essay comparatively explores the Cathedral of Brasilia with All Saints Church (a small village church), and tries to understand the sense of community a sacred place creates. It then attempts to clarify why some religious buildings thrive, and others are turned to rubble.

A church building during demolition, which is overgrown and crumbling
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